From the safety of your vehicle you will be able to share the lights, joy and universal message of Chanukah with people all over town.

We will meet at the El Cerrito Plaza Bart parking lot where every car that registers will be outfitted with Chanukah decorations (Flags, Menorah, stickers, and music).

From there, a police escort will lead the parade through the streets of El Cerrito, Albany, and Kensington as we spread the light and joy of Chanukah. The duration will be approximately 30 minutes.

This is a parade that will be fun for all ages, and ever so meaningful as we find a unique way to celebrate and bring joy to those around us.

The event will conclude with a grand Menorah lighting at 5:30 PM along with music, a juggling show, dougnuts and more. 

This event is free. Consider donation/sponsorship options below.

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