Chabad of El Cerrito is here to help you celebrate Passover


Due to Covid-19, many who would usually join our community Seder will be spending Passover at home again this year. 

Once again, we are offering a "Seder in a Box" - everything you need to have your own Seder at home.


Seder Items: Complete kit to allow you to run your own Seder at home. Includes Matzah, Wine or Grape Juice, Seder Plate items, Kiddush cup, and a Haggadah!

Passover Dinner to Go:
Includes Gefilte Fish, 3 Salads (Israeli salad, beet salad and babaganoush), Soup and Potato Ball, Chicken and 3 sides (Roasted potatoes, grilled vegetables and tzimis).

Pickup from El Cerrito on March 25-26. 

Chabad of El Cerrito is offering free Passover dinners to thos ein need. Your optional donation will help make this possible.

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